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 Yet another solution to Premier vibraphone wiring  Brass ReMade: tambourines
 Job no. 1435 Xylophone extension on a Premier 600 for Puccini's Turandot  Brass ReMade: tubaphone finished

Brass ReMade (Job No: 1362)

MBABrassReMade flier jpeg

Things lead on, one from another.  As a result of doing the Scrapheap Orchestra television documentary I was approached to do the Smart Meter project, this in turn led onto being asked to do this project and the next project The Northern Lights.  All of these projects I have yet to write the posts for, maybe one day I will actually have the time to do it!

Brass Remade is a multi disciplinary project inspired by ‘Perpetual Canon’ by Cornelia Parker which was recently exhibited at The Civic in Barnsley as part of the Brassed Off exhibition in Autumn 2016.  There are loads of organisations dipping their fingers in the pie, but the project would not have been possible without funding by Art Council England.

Lucy Pankhurst created the musical score,  James Nash has written the performance poetry and I have created a selection of instruments made from recycling broken brass instruments.  Each of us, the “creative participants” held a series of workshops with four schools from around the area giving the children the opportunity to learn and experiment with writing music and poetry and designing instruments.  It was these workshops that the inspiration for the music and poetry came from, and (erm) the instruments.

The promotion above is advertising the performance.  Two of the schools involved seemingly fell off the face of the earth which is basically just rude and unprofessional but thankfully the other two schools stepped up to fill the breach.  As an aside it was amazing the difference between schools when We went around to deliver the instruments – some places were just bloody miserable, with surly staff, misbehaving kids and angry teachers, the next school really happy places with friendly staff, happy excitable kids and smiling teachers; chalk and cheese, I know which place I would choose to send my kids.  Anyway support the even if you can, and at some point I will post the videos showing in detail what I made.

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Ludwig Professional Timpani For Sale (Job no: 1390)


For Sale a set of 4 Ludwig Professional Timpani with discs and covers.
[serial nos: 32″=5220, 29″=5218, 26″=5219, 23″=5126]

These drums have been in my workshop for a while now, which is too long for such a good set of timps to be unused.  Obviously this means that the price is too high, but all of my prices are just a starting point for the negotiations which follow.  So I am going to try an alternative method; you suggest a price and we can go from there…


Those of you who read my blog and watch my videos already know that I am rubbish at remembering model names and numbers, I classify it as useless information, why retain it in my head when it can be easily researched if needed. However in this case, I think that I just told or learned the name incorrectly, so when I was clarifying exactly what to call the drums I discovered after many many years that Ludwig don’t even make Pro-Symphonics! They do make Grand Symphonics, but what the difference would be between a set of Grands and Professionals with the optional extra of hand hammered bowls will have to remain a mystery to me since they would both be made with exactly the same components. The answer of course would be the price tag. Anyway I digress; I apologise for getting the name of the drums wrong in the video, but the name is correct everywhere else.

What is in a name anyway?  It doesn’t alter the fact that these drums are in a really nice condition.  Equally, they rarely come up for sale second hand.  Because of the condition of the drums when I collected them and their inherent value, I decided that I had to do some work on them.  This work mainly consisted of giving everything a good clean (oh and isn’t that a massive understatement!) and going over the chassis making sure everything was tight. However I did have to spend a day working on the set up to make sure that they work properly.  Normally after all this I would put new heads on as a matter of course, but these drums are not mine and are in for sale not an overhaul. This is a compromise, and I know that they would sound better with new heads on, but this can be left to the negotiations…




Above are some photos of the drums for you to have a look at, I tried to get the worst of the bowl imperfections visible. Below are some close up photos of the damage that I referred to in the video. There is nothing more I can really say about these timpani, for those who are looking for a good set of timps, proven over many years to produce a great sound reliably, you will know what you want and you will see that these drums are in great condition. For those who are thinking about other drums, well I would buy these everyday in preference to the gimmicky new crap that is popular at the moment – in ten years I fully expect that I will be doing very expensive repairs to those drums whereas in ten years, these Ludwigs might just need another clean and service. They are in my workshop available to be viewed, I can of course deliver if needed, and I will handle the whole transaction so it will be nice and easy to accomplish. To discuss viewing and prices either email or phone.

26″ bowl dent


Bowl corrosion


29″ bowl dent


32″ timp disc

29″ timp disc

broken strap

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