Second Hand Instruments

Orchestral Percussion is pleased to offer this space to percussionists to advertise the sale of their instruments.  If applicable the showroom facilities can be made available to the potential buyers.

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Flight Cases

Location: Kent
Price: £400.00

Two metal covered flight cases:
Internal dimensions: 32"x32" and 30"x30" both 23" high
They show signs of usage but have no damage.

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Ajax Vibraphone

pdf Condition Report (PDF 184KB)

Location: Kent
Price: £1400.00

This is a really nice sounding vibe. These older vibes may have unfashionable narrow bars, but they are also thicker, and what they loose in volume is (in my view) more than made up for in sweetness of tone and increased sustain.

The original frame was beyond repair, so I was asked to make a new frame. I always try and retain the aesthetic feel of the design, so the metal work replicates the curves, the colour is an homage to the metalic blue which can be seen on the resonators, and is certainly individual! The wood work is varnished, so you can see the hardwoods used, The damper bar is my trapezoid design to improve damping - forget silicon gel, it makes no difference, just design it better!

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