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According to references [Groves dictionary of musical instruments I think] the number of instruments in the percussion family exceed six hundred. In reality most of the instruments will be closely related and very rare. Furthermore the standard orchestral range of instruments is smaller still. Even so, I work on a broad variety of instruments, and yet I am still asked if I repair guitars or whatever. My brain can hardly cope with all the knowledge associated with my own specialism without taking on other sections of instruments, I will leave those instruments for those instrument makers!

So to demonstrate the diversity of what I do do [hehe], below are all the posts I have written, in chronological, order starting with the two latest (which are featured on the home page) and going backwards into the depths of time.

What model is my Premier Vibraphone?

There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding which model of Premier vibraphone people have. This post is a list of vibraphones produced by Premier arranged in reverse chronological order.

There are some of Premiers more modern models missing from the list, which may well be added to the list at a later date, but for now the list should be sufficient to answer most questions about identifying the model of your vibe.

Premier Viscount 1″ Chimes For Sale

Premier Viscount 1″ studio chimes.
A great sounding set of very portable chimes in excellent condition. Fully serviced frame. Available immediately.

Fitting My Replacement Motor System for Premier Vibes

This post are the fitting instructions for the replacement motor systems that I produce for Premier 701 or 751 vibraphones. I have designed the system so it is easy to fit to your instrument. The result is that I have done pretty much all the work for you, so all you need to do is drill a few holes and use a screwdriver.

Everything you need, plus a extras, are in the kit. Even the correct sized drill bits (to avoid any mistakes) and a small allen key are included.  Three different sized belts so that you can determine the best fit and a long kettle lead.

How to change damper bar felt

In the immortal words of Axl Rose, “All we need is just a little patience (Patience)
Mm, yeah”
Changing the damper felt on a vibe is something that anyone can do; this post shows how I do it

Pixiphone Restoration (job#1416)

An expensive and time consuming repair that cost me more to do than I charged, but the decision to take on the job was for reasons of my sanity; I was beginning to be lethargic due to inaction and that was making me feel apathetic and in that direction lies depression and other mental health issues; so I took action and created something of which I am proud and I sincerely hope that it continues to give joy to future generations of little percussionists.

Scrapheap Orchestra

The Scrapheap Orchestra was a television documentary for the BBC and was shown on BBC Four. I did learned a lot during the whole project and I do look back on it with fond memories. The laughter and then roaring cheer that greeted my clash cymbals is clearly audible in the video and watching it took me instantly back to the roller coaster of emotions that I experienced that night and seeing again the instantaneous and exuberant standing ovation that the performance received (nearly) brought a tear to my eye even after all these years. I am left wondering if those instruments that I made still exist or whether they have been returned to the scrapheap.

Tubular Bell Hanging

I often get emails asking for detailed advice on how to make percussion instruments. In this video I share my opinion on hanging tubular bells.